The SHERO Network is a conduit of empowerment, inspiration and revival for everyday women who want to make a difference in the world. Some of the most amazing sisters come together to lean on and glean from each other. Each year we host the SHERO Conference. Our services have expanded to offer workshops/seminars to women and teens. Our sisters are women who understand that this world is a mission field and we are responsible to help those around us. Through missions, programs, outreaches, entrepreneurship, ministry and more we can make life better for our communities. This is our time to be empowered, receive impartation, cultivate relationships and step out on faith. Join us for planning sessions, intimate discussions and mission-in-action exercises. 2021 is our year to embrace The Courage to Change.  Though we have faced a pandemic and a heap of changes, we must do what it takes to keep the light of Christ shining in all we do. We can't stay stuck in the same patterns. We must speak out and live out the commission we have been given. Come and be a part. Take time out to get fresh revelation for the future and inspiration for the present.  Following your dream just may be somebody else's miracle!!!


Tara Alexander

Founder/Executive Director