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As founder of the SHERO Network, I have had the privilege to see women gain confidence, embrace their own gifts and change from the inside out. Through SHERO, our team has provided soft skills training, entrepreneurial development, non-profit leadership training, employment assistance, food, shelter and help for women who need it most. We believe that every woman counts and every woman has a part to play in the world around them. Our approach to women's empowerment is simple. We want to raise up an army of women from all backgrounds who care about community. Amongst us are creatives, judges, cashiers, teachers, executives and stay at home moms who come to realize their dreams and visions through the lens of faith. The SHERO Network is a conduit of empowerment, inspiration and revival for everyday women who want to make a difference..  Each year, we host the SHERO Conference and other empowerment workshops, roundtables and seminars for women and teens. We also host  SHERO Media Clinics which offers training in computer basics, graphic design, social media management and website development for women who have a challenge navigating technology. 


Though we have faced a pandemic and a heap of changes, we must do what it takes to keep the light of Christ shining in all we do. We can't stay stuck in the same patterns. We must speak out and live out the commission we have been given. Following our dreams just may be somebody else's miracle!!!


Tara Alexander

Founder/Executive Director

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