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Sponsored by:

The SHERO Network

Founder/CEO -  Tara Alexander

JANUARY 6-8, 2022  (Thurs-Sat)

Conference Location: VIRTUAL 

Sponsors and Virtual Vendors Needed

How Much is the Conference? 

General Conference Registration is FREE and open to the public. 

How Can I Donate?

Donations/Offerings are accepted to help us underwrite associated costs. You can donate via the link above. Every dollar helps to keep this as a service to the community. 

How Can I Volunteer?

Please contact us via the contact page on our website to volunteer. We need your help!

Contact SHERO

Special Thanks to Our

Community Partners

Champion Church - New Orleans/LaPlace 

Grace & Glory Family Worship Church Intl.

WellSpring Real Estate LLC

The Frontline Corporation

Sweet Legacy LLC

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